Our Story

Thank you for visiting JP WATCH DESIGN, a timepiece company owned and operated in Sydney, Australia.
JP WATCH DESIGN was established in 2015 with the purpose to help preserve the world we live in. Sharing the desire to create a sustainable future, along with a love for fashionable timepieces, the three founders have combined their passions through launching a company with the aim to give back.
The founders of JP WATCH DESIGN each bring unique qualities to the project. They possess distinct career backgrounds in numerous different fields. Originally from different countries, the directors now reside on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

It’s taken us years to get to the point we’re at now, but our ambitions don’t stop here. We want to keep growing and expanding to have a positive impact on sustainability worldwide, for decades to come.

In five years time, we’re hoping to see our timepieces on many wrists around the globe. By then, we’re hoping to have expanded ‘The Bearing’ collection to include other colour variations, while also launching a women’s range with a more petite, feminine look.

Additionally, we have several different watch designs waiting in our workshop that we would like to see come to fruition. These concepts are still in their initial phases, however all will still boast a timeless style and remain in line with our business ethos of sustainability.

We want to see the 15% of proceeds given to charity increase even more, and we’d like to continue to partner up with more charities along the way.  

Last but not least, we’re hopeful that the successful implementation of charitable donations as the core of our business model will inspire other corporations to do the same.

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